BondBridge (Home Automation Device)

CAN$ 185.00

CAN$ 185.00

Pair this Home Automation Bridge with your motorized

Brasilia Athena

Brasilia Europa


Control your opening or closing from your Android or IOS phone

Or integrate it with your Google Home, Alexa or SmartThings

Schedule opening and closing, at dusk, dawn, or at a precise time

You can easily create schedules to meet your needs

Control your products remotely, over internet, anywhere in the world

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 How does it work:

  • No rewiring needed
  • The Bond Bridge simply duplicate the signal from remote controls
  • Pairing process and configuration is done in a few minutes.
  • Can be easily set-up
  • Controls up to 30 devices, RF reaches 2500 sq ft
  • Particularly reliable, reconnects automatically in case of power-loss


Specification :

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